The world has become faster as the time passes. In today's era the word 'assurance' has not been just limited to the compliance of statutory needs, rather, the Management Consultants are now being involved in provision of continuous advice in order to take timely decisions & to adopt appropriate course of action in business management.

We render the following services under this domain:

Management of Non-Financial Resources:

Brands, Market Share, Client Retention Ratio, Human Capital etc. are extremely important indicators to improve the business prospects. Market & prospective investors always keep a good eyes on the management of these resources.

Managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

The present world judges a company’s sustainability through its corporate social responsibility. Only those businesses survive in the long run, which demonstrate CSR. "What an entity contributes to its surroundings and society around it." POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?

Developing Internal Control System & Procedures:

Proper internal controls system and procedures and its independent evaluation from time to time are required to be adopted to ensure transparency & reliability of DATA and INFORMATION. Malfunctioning of such a system could be dangerous and might results in bad decisions.

Financial Audit:

Financial Audit is the process of verification of the financial data and reporting on the financial affairs of the company to the shareholders. The audit report form part of the company's financial statements. Conducting financial audit is a statutory requirement of every company to engage a qualified auditor to appraise and report on its financial statements.

Supervising the Internal Audit Process:

Internal audit involves a continuous and routine verification of the business affairs through out the accounting year. To perform an effective internal audit function the auditors must understand the objectives of the organization, risk management priorities, regulatory environment, diverse and critical needs of the shareholders and executive management.

Cost Audit:

Cost audit is the function to verify the whole process of manufacturing from putting the raw material into process till preparation of the finished products. This function requires a cost auditor who is either a CMA or CA, to report independently and objectively on the costing procedure and cost flow throughout the whole process of manufacturing during the accounting year.

Regulatory Compliances:

Regulatory compliance is attached side by side with business operations. Compliances are made to ensure good governance aligned ultimately with the business objectives and risk management strategies. For all organizations engaged in activities that come under the control of a regulator regulatory compliances are mandatory.

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