NGO's Desk

We provide a resource of social expertise for the development of projects that are committed to social sustainability. Under our wide spectrum of social advisory services we contribute in social planning, development of implementative mechanism and supporting institutional functioning through pragmatic development approach. Our multifaceted professional exposure and enrichment amply deliver convincing value added services in social assessment, social investment and social management planning, developing and implementing process. Specifically, we offer the following services:

Proposal Writing
Arrangement of funding is a key task/area of NGOs working in any sector (Health, Education, Poverty, gender equality, human rights etc.). Most NGOs do not have a capability to send their funding proposals to donor agencies due to the lack of techniques & expertise.
Funding proposal writing is one of the most difficult tasks in NGOs sector. For this purpose, NGOs need to develop contacts with professional proposal writing experts who specialize in the area of its proposed activity. 'Adeel Asif & Co. - NGO’s Facilitation Desk', maintains an elaborate panel of experts who specialize in their respective fields and are aware of donors' expectations. In addition,
'Adeel Asif & Co. - NGO’s Facilitation Desk' keeps itself abreast of all the newly emerging tendencies and changing preferences of the donor agencies and tries to couple the interest of the local NGOs with appropriate members of the donor community.

Rural & Urban Development Planning
We deliver wide spectrum of advisory services for rural and urban development and planning with integrated approach for economic betterment of people as well as greater social transformation. Our service offerings in rural development and planning area include:
Physical and social infrastructure planning
Livelihood restoration and planning
Planning, implementation and evaluation of poverty alleviation, infrastructure development and social security programs
Drinking water, housing and rural transport planning
Strengthening of rural and local administration, training & research, human resource development, development of voluntary action etc. for the proper implementation of the programs
Sustainable planning for desert areas, drought prone areas
Planning for natural resource management
Our service offerings for urban development and planning cover consulting for social infrastructure, physical infrastructure planning, demand and need assessment for various services and facilities etc. Our premium offerings include:
Planning and establishing alternative public transportation systems & pragmatic solution for traffic congestion, air pollution
Developing resources, and protecting ecologically sensitive regions
Planning and study the effects of growth and change on community Sheltering the homeless
Social planning of highways, airports, water and sewer lines, schools, libraries, and cultural and recreational sites
Study and forecasting future trends in employment, housing, transportation, population and migration
Urban poverty studies and planning
Poverty Study and Planning
We offer advisory services for study of key poverty issues, poverty measurement, monitoring, analysis, and preparation of poverty reduction strategies for developing communities. The specific services under poverty study and planning include:
Preparation of poverty reduction strategies
Planning pro-poor growth & equality
Poverty analysis
Planning for implementation of poverty alleviation project and schemes
Monitoring and evaluation of poverty related projects and schemes
Poverty and social impact assessment
Poverty and health impact assessment
Resettlement and Rehabilitation Planning
Most of the infrastructure development projects cause certain unavoidable temporary human and property losses in the form of displacement or hindrances to their existing socio- economic conditions. Our pool of experts in the social development advisory do provide sustainable social planning to mitigate this type of losses from the planning stage till the implementation and as well as monitoring the impact in the post implementation period. We provide R&R advisory services in various sectors like Road, Energy, Aviation, Port, Urban Infrastructure and, Housing etc covering wide range of cliental groups. The prime focus and thrush of our services include the following:
Resettlement impact assessment
Development of plan for suitable mitigation measures
Preparation of resettlement action plan for the project affected people
Preparation of Land acquisition plans
Indigenous people's development plan
Suggesting income restoration measures
Institutional strengthening of R&R institutions
Indigenous People Development and Planning
Indigenous people native tribal people are always vulnerable to any change which affects their socio-cultural identity, dignity and economic status. We provide advisory services for Indigenous Peoples' development planning in a manner which ensures that the development process fosters full respect for the dignity, human rights and uniqueness of Indigenous People. We deliver the following:
Identification of indigenous people
Assessment of indigenous people's issues
Indigenous people development planning
Title process management
Native title research and analysis
Impact Assessment
We deliver wide range of impact assessments including social impact assessment for developmental projects, plans, schemes and programs related to various sectors. Major Service offerings in this area include the following:
Social impact assessment
Poverty impact assessment
Gender impact assessment
Health impact assessment
Disasters and risk impact assessment
Government policy impact assessment
Social Surveys and Development of Research Tools
With our rich academic and consulting expertise and experiences, we deliver a variety of social surveys using contemporary and innovative research methodologies and research tools. Our service offering include:
Formulation of appropriate methodologies for social research and analysis
Development of tools for social surveys and research
Execution of social surveys and research projects
Quantitative and qualitative research analysis
Participatory Development Planning
With credible exposure and experience in participatory development planning, we analyze community problems or opportunities from within a village, cooperative or group and suggest sustainable local development plans and mechanisms. Our participatory planning approach includes:
Conducting an external appraisal of current development trends and opportunities
Conducting an internal appraisal of institutional, financial and resource availability
Assessment and analysis of the planning options
Planning of organization's development objectives
Prioritization of development options to make a strategic plan of action

Social Policy Analysis and Research
With our in house capabilities and wide academic and institutional network we have created an enabling environment for various social policies analysis and social research across the disciplines and different subject areas of the humanity faculty. Our advisory services on social policy analysis and research include:
Labor market, family and community change
Social exclusion
New social divisions (class, gender and other dimensions) and inequalities
Attitudes, behavior and needs and individual decision-making
The delivery of welfare policies and programs
Patterns of risk and social protection in welfare
Criminal justice policy
The impact of social policy on incomes, opportunities and well being
International social policy and cross-national comparison

Social Audit
We have been assisting various government and private organizations and agencies to assess and demonstrate their social, community and environmental benefits and limitations. Our social audit extended to auditing schemes and programs being implemented in various social development and service involving generating credible user feedback on a variety of qualitative and quantitative indicators of service delivery like access, usage, quality & reliability, costs and satisfaction etc.

Community Driven Development (CDD) Planning
With our proficient professional and research group, we assist in planning of community-driven development (CDD) by formulating policy and development framework to give control of decisions and resources to community groups. Our advisory services to CDD includes planning and development of community institutions, community mobilization, community consultation, strengthening and finance planning for community institutions, orienting community access to information, and planning & developing an enabling environment etc.
Gender Studies and Planning
We undertake gender studies and analysis as a practical tool for examining activities, problems, knowledge, and access to natural resources of both women and men, clarifying where they differ and where they are complementary. We also design, co-ordinate and supervise projects on the impact of economic reforms on various dimensions of gender-based inequality. Our development planning emphasizes women empowerment through developing mechanism for women to participate in project planning and decision making etc in development projects. Our integrated approach of gender impact assessment includes:
Respective levels of representation and participation in decision-making
Effective access to resources and effective distribution of these resources
Norms and values that influence roles, attitudes, behaviors and others' expectations
Rights, freedoms and access to justice
Role of women in natural resource management
Child Labor and Child Rights
We assist in assessment of child labor problem in various sectors and contribute in child labor campaigning projects in Asia particularly in Pakistan. Our professionals have acquired extensive expertise in dealing with labor laws and national and international child rights and conventions etc. We offer planning and implementation of child labor rehabilitation projects with integrated approach of their wellbeing.
Social Investment Strategy and Planning
Our approach to social investment strategy focuses on helping various entities to determine both where and how to invest to maximize social and economic value. Our social investment advisory services include social investment strategy and planning, assessment of impact of community development programs and delivering community development/social capital programs /projects. The specific areas are:
Assessment of social investment portfolio and corporate assets
Assessing the competitive constraints that could be addressed through social investment
Developing a social investment management system
Strategic planning for social investment
New social investment startup strategy
Investment strategy for civic bodies
Public private partnership
Risk Assessment and Disaster Management
We assist individuals, households and communities in dealing with diverse risks to steer sustained economic and social development and combat unproductive coping strategies. We provide wider scope of socio-economic risk and vulnerability assessment including deprivation from basic social and economic infrastructures leading to poor health, unemployment, poverty etc. Our strategic management planning covers sustainable labor market, social insurance, and social assistance policies etc.
With the help of multidisciplinary professionals and planning approach, we design, implement and provide training for emergency/disaster management solutions to drought, cyclones, floods etc by comprehensive hazard identification, risk assessment and impact analysis, mitigation strategies, emergency response procedures, and community recovery plans etc.
Microfinance and Small Enterprises Development
Our proficient social and economic development expertise are amply capable of providing advisory services to micro enterprises, self-employment activities and household enterprises for achieving social and economic development. We assist in raising the ability of the self-employed and rural poor to sustain the economic activities essential to their survival. At this front, we offer development and formulation of fundamental policy, legal and regulatory framework to allow micro level financial institutions to develop and operate effectively and capacity assessment and institutional strengthening including imparting training for their sustainable operations.
Community Natural Resources Management
For community natural resources management, we offer wide range of advisory services with our interdisciplinary approach. We plan and develop sustainable resource management through improved system suggesting user-friendly and state of the art technology. Our integrated approaches to natural resource like land and water resources management includes poverty reduction, food security strengthening and developing enabling environment and to promote national, regional, and global capacities to combat desertification and restore degraded lands.
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Through our enriched professional experiences we deliver people oriented decentralized, demand driven and community based water supply and sanitation programs for the rural areas. We carry out situational analysis of rural areas, need and demand assessment for water and sanitation and plan integrated water resource management system such as rain water harvesting and treatment. Our planning approach envisages sustainable water management for poverty reduction and economic growth in developing communities.
Health and Nutrition Studies
We do health impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation of community health schemes and projects, impact evaluation of health schemes and projects on HIV/AIDs, immunization programs etc. We also offer Child Nutrition Studies, Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Studies, Food Distribution Studies, Food Security Studies, Nutrition Education Studies and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) studies etc.

Corporative Social Responsibility (CSR) Planning
The present day society has started witnessing the relationship between the profit motive business activities and its impact on the society and environment which is being realized as a part and parcel for the overall business model. Issues like environmental damage, human cost, rootless-ness due to displacement, improper treatment of workers, and faulty production leading to social inconvenience or environmental danger, are major concerns. We provide strategic advice to companies in various sectors like financial, property, automotive, oil and gas, power, manufacturing and corporate communications with strategic advice on how to identify, access and manage their social, environmental and ethical responsibilities. This advice enables companies to understand the key drivers in their sector, report on performance to their stakeholders and gain business benefit. Our main offerings in this area include:
Formulation of new corporate social planning and policy
Assessment of the existing CSR policies and suggest the due diligence plan on how the existing CSR can be aligned with other development activities
Baseline CSR reviews and business case development
Social and ethical benchmarking
Strategic action planning systems
Corporate environmental and social reporting
Mechanism for proper implementation of the CSR policy

Project Monitoring and Evaluation
We deliver advisory services for monitoring and evaluation of multispectral development projects, schemes or programs. The specific areas of our service include monitoring and evaluation of:
Health and nutrition projects and schemes
Education projects and programs
Resettlement plan and project implementation
Community development projects and schemes
Livelihood projects and programs
Poverty alleviation project and schemes, Planning for natural resource management

Capacity Assessment and Institutional Strengthening
Our diversified professionals with interdisciplinary work approach do capacity assessment including organizational strength, working environment and organization's management practices such as values and ethics, risk management, integrated performance information, stewardship, leadership, human resources and accountability etc. Our capacity development exercise accompanied with training, education and technology transfer gives special attention to the environment in which people apply their skills. We serve not only for public sector management but also extend to strengthening of civil institutions and investments in social capital. Our integrated approach to institutional strengthening involves building or improving the co-ordination of national and local government institutions, private entities, and nongovernmental organizations to deliver comprehensive programs to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Tourism Study and Planning
The dramatic growth of tourism worldwide and its impact on socio-economic development is one of the most remarkable phenomena of this period. Tourism, as an industry, needs proper planning and strategy for its growth. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in consulting and research in hospitality marketing, tourism planning, travel research, tourist demographics, visitor conversion studies, and destination marketing. The broad service areas are situational analysis, strategic planning, implementation planning and monitoring performances. Specific services provided are:

Tourism master planning
Market and economic feasibility studies
Asset evaluation, strategy development and implementation
Tourism development strategies and regional tourism plans
Perception, opinion, demand and satisfaction studies of the tourists
Impact assessment studies
Economic impact studies
Infrastructure planning and its evaluation
Inventory of tourism assets

Market Research and Media Studies
We offer a wide range of market research and media studies for the competitive market and multifaceted consumer world. Our advisory services in this area include:
Market trends studies to identify current and emerging trends within society, including product usage, brand purchasing habits, shifts in product usage and other important issues facing the industry.
Benchmark surveys of products and service's prospects, attitudes and opinions before and after an advertisement campaign to measure how well the advertising is meeting its objectives.
Brand awareness and preference to explore the position of company, as well as your competitors' positions in the market, and presents new ideas on how to improve product acceptance.
Inquiry follow-up study to demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising program and sales-lead tracking system by surveying prospects who have responded to the advertisement.
Advertisement evaluation to measure prospects' perceptions and opinions of existing advertisement, or variations in copy or graphics being considered for a new ad campaign.
New product development to determine customers' and prospects' unfulfilled needs and aids in the development and introduction of new product into the market.
Consumer profile studies provide detailed information about consumer habit in purchasing, product usage, paying capacity, purchasing influence and strength etc.
Product usage/application studies provide detailed information on a specific product, including who is currently using the product, when and why they are using it, and for what applications.
Pre-election opinion pool and exit poll surveys.